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HR Break Room is a podcast from your friends working in human resources, dedicated to bringing you interesting break room conversations with experts on the hot topics of HR and HR Technology, one cup of coffee at a time. Hosted by Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice, HR Break Room is designed to inspire you to harness the power of HR technology to empower your people and organization.
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Jun 28, 2017

Guest Hosts:

Mike Shaw, Director-Elect of the Oklahoma HR State Council

Neen James, SHRM Keynote Speaker and Author of Folding Time

Every year, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) holds an annual conference so that HR professionals from around the world can gather and learn from industry experts, and share their experiences. Paycom attended the 2017 SHRM conference in New Orleans to meet with industry thought leaders, SHRM volunteers and conference attendees, and learn more about the latest workforce trends.

HR Break Room continues its special coverage as Caleb talks with Keynote Speaker and the Author of Folding Time, Neen James, and the Oklahoma HR State Council Director-Elect, Mike Shaw, about the breakdown of SHRM’s different session offerings and the networking opportunities available through SHRM. Neen talks about the premise of her book and offers insights about the difference between time and attention management.


In this special HR Break Room talk, the panel will discuss:

  • The breakdown of SHRM’s different session offerings
  • The rich networking opportunities the SHRM conference offers attendees
  • The important distinction between managing time and attention

Learn more about time management with our "Time to Fight Time Theft" infographic.

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